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Saturday, 30 December 2017

what is web hosting and how does it work ?

what is web hosting and how does it work? types of host and dns server: i Do you want to Know about what is web hosting, types of web host and dns server. If yes, than continuously read this post.
what is web hosting and how does it work, web hosting companies

what is web hosting and how does it work ?

Let's begin to our first topic what is website after that you will know there types

What is web hosting ?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.
As we know bloggers buy web hosting from GoDaddy or another web hosting companies. But the legit website like Google, Facebook and Twitter use there own server to host there sites.

Types of web hosting

  •  Shared Web Hosting.
  •  Reseller Web Hosting. 
  •  Cloud Based Web Hosting. 
  •  Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  •  Dedicated Web Server.
  •  Colocation Web Hosting. 
  •  Self Service Web Hosting. ...
  •  Managed WordPress Hosting .
But I'm This post I am describing only three Hosting that mainly Bloggers use.
Shared Web Hosting
What is Shared Web Hosting ?
Shared hosting mean your site is hosted at a server with hundreds of website's.
what is web hosting and how does it work, shared hosting
From above image you see 4 drum are attached with a big drum like that there are a server in an shared hosting and many website's are connected with a giant server
Our website also use this hosting
What is advantages of the Shared Web Hosting ?
The advantage of this hosting is cost is shared. Shared web hosting is best Hosting for starting a blog or website
price: $7-$20
What is disadvantages of the Shared Web Hosting ?
Many website Hosting on server your website speed may be slow.if your website is suffering from more than 1 lakh traffic. In this case your website speed goes down
Reseller hosting
what is reseller hosting ?
reseller hosting is type of hosting that allow you to sell our hosting space to third parties
What is advantages of Reseller Web Hosting ?
There are many advantages of reseller hosting including:
  • As a career –  Reseller hosting makes your career. Yes,carrer because as an reseller hosting you have power to sell our hosting with your customers. You also increase your customers by giving huge discounts. When you have too many customers than you will be open your hosting company
  • As a income source - You also make this is as a part time job.
Disadvantages of reseller hosting
If you want to sell your plans you need to be hire a customer care.
Price - $10-$50
I hope you also gaining knowledge about what is web hosting and how does it work
Dedicated Web Server
dedicated Web Server , what is web hosting and how does it work
What is dedicated Web Server ?
The dedicated server is like a server of shared web hosting but In dedicated server you didn't share your server with anyelse.
what is advantage of dedicated Web servers ?
I also love the dedicated servers because they gave excellent speed to our website. Dedicated web servers is best for event blogging.
In Dedicated Web servers you didn't have any fear of slow down your website and one special thing is you can host unlimited number of website
what is disadvantage of dedicated Web servers ?
There are only one disadvantage of dedicated server. There cost dedicated server cost is very high.
price- $100-$2000/month
Managed WordPress Hosting
what is web hosting and how does it work ? , WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is specifically design for running website because WordPress is most popular CMS in the world. 40% is made on WordPress.
Cost- $8/month (approximately)
You also visit WordPress official website
Self Service Web Hosting
 Self service is free method to host your website at your local computer.
what is DNS server ?
Dns server is a computer that have IP address of all website in the world and they translates these ips to common names
Why Do We Have DNS Servers?
This question is answered with an another question :so, there two things www.ctmtechnical.com or ip of our website So,which one is easy to remember first one is easier to remember so we use dns servers to connect our domain ip to simple words.
where these data store ?
This is very important data of dns servers. These ip are secure by ICANN
I Hope you also know about what is web hosting and how does it work types of host and dns server ? i you have dought than comment i also solve your issue  than comment in comment section thanks for reading. Bye bye
Disclaimer - This posts is fully based on my opinion. If you want more information than you search this on search engines

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