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If you are YouTuber or blogger you also know about link shortener.if you did not know about this so read this post and I give you a idea how to earn from link shrinking. This is a method anyone apply. The appliers don't need any website or YouTube channel. 

what is link shortener ?

A URL shortener is an online application that converts a regular URL into short form. There are many URL shorteners like Google link shrinker, etc. Now your question is how to earn from this this is a very simple. Adfly shrink link gave you money per clicked by a user.  

what is adfly? is an service that allows you to earn money from each visitor to your shortened (shrinked) link

how adfly works?

SUPPOSE you shrink a website link from share this link to a social site like Facebook, Twitter etc. If anyone click on link the person who click on link. They redirected to a advertisement of 5 sec.after 5 sec they redirected to the website that website you shrinked link. For example I shrink link of this post in adfly.the link is given below go and check now how it's work.
This is adfly shrink link. If you want to join adfly you  can easily join by clicking the link
How you much earn money from adfly ?
You don't earn too much money from adfly.You start adfly as a part-time. Adfly give you $ 0.00500 on per click on your shrink link
Know do a basic calculation.suppose you shrink a link.1000 people click on the much money you earn. 1000×0.00500 =$5 I started adfly in 2016 and my total earning from adfly is $9253. If you interested in making money than read our another post।
Thanks for reading. Maybe this is helpful for you. Written on 21/10/2017

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