How to sell Articles Online & earn money | Content or article Writing jobs

Want to earn money fastly ? There are some available to earn money fast so, today I am describing a job is article writing.
There are many jobs online like ( blogging ) takes more time to run but these are passive sources of income.

what is article writing job ?

Article writing mean write a content (article) for a blog, newspaper and magzines.   Best part of this jobs are
  • This is completely free.
  • You can start earning today 
Okay let's Begin talk about article business. There are great demand of articles in now days. Many website owners searching a unique articles for there websites. So, we take advantage of this demand. I am giving you some details about how to sell the article online.  

How to find a article writing jobs ?

  1. First step is you are here
  2. Go to
  3. Find a article job posted by a Website owners.
  4. Understand the topic.
  5. Collecting information on Google.
  6. Understand the information
  7. Write a article on topic.
  8. Submit the article.
  9. If owner like your article you get money.otherwise you can sell the article.

Some important things need to be note down

It’s not necessary that you need to know about the topic you’re going to writing a article.

How much money you earn from this method

You earn $10 (approximately)per write a one article in one day. Let's do a basic calculation $10 × 30 = $300
What is article length?
This depends on owner that gives you article and money.but you write a article minimum 500 words.
how will I get a payment?
You will receive a payment through a PayPal account. you also transfer PayPal money into your bank account. If you don't have a PayPal account click here to create a PayPal account. If you have a any doubts then comment in comment section.i will also help you.

  • .Thanks for reading. I hope Articles is helpful to you.


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