#2 Affiliate marketing course | how to find best product for affiliate sale

How to find Best products for affiliate sale?

Always Choose virtual products

You must to be decide which type of product you want to sell through affliate marketing. 
1. Virtual products
2. Physical products
This is depends on your topic.
Suppose if you have a health blog than your mostly products are physical products like oils,creams etc.
If you have a tech blog than your mostly affiliate links software, music etc.

Which products is best ? Virtual or physical products ?

This is my opinion not a professional opinion. I thought virtual products are best than physical products because in virtual products.
There are few reasons
1. Virtual products give instant payment than physical products because they take time for shipping.
2. Virtual products never stock out.
3. Virtual products give huge profits

How to choose a affiliate product ?

This quite simple to find a affiliate products for your users.
1.  First of all visit Jvzoo.one find a product menu
2. Some things that you can know about affiliate sale
1.find a product that you want to buy yourself.
In which products you interested your visitor also interested in that thing.
2.find the recurring income products.
Recurring income is best source to earn money every month.
3. Find least 35% commission.
Because less commission gives us less income.
4.find a product between $30 to $90 dollar
There are some tips you need to follow to find Best products.
If you choose $20 products your income goes down

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