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Today I am going to describe a business idea so keep reading the post. Today I am describing a money earning idea called Facebook marketing

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook marketing is a another form of affiliate marketing in which you promote product on Facebook.

Two things setup in a mind
1. Ability to create an attractive Facebook post.
2. Promote Facebook page

Some useful tips for you

1.Use paid tools to give booster to your Facebook likes.
2.Your post need to seen by more and more people.
3.Use social sharing by using Facebook tools and plugins
4.Optimize your Facebook page SEO to rank first page of Google and other search engines
5.Create a time-table when you post your post
6.Collaboration with other Facebook pages.
7. Run Facebook campaigns to increase reach of your Facebook page.

Time required for a successful Facebook page

If you work hard and upload a post daily. You can get success in 1-2 months.

Never spam them

Never spam your subscribers or followers otherwise they never forgive and you lose their trust.

About Money

1. You will promote the affiliate product on your Facebook page.
2. You will get sponsor ships for your Facebook page.One sponser ship price is at least $50
3.You can also link your Facebook page to Google AdSense for great revenue.

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