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What is freelancer ?

Freelancer is a person who work for a person to sell his services. Mean you become a employee of your costumers for some Time

What is Fiverr or Upwork?

Fiverr and upwork is a platform for free lancer to sell his services to people.

Suitable for

1. People who loves the work.
2. People who want to help anyone.
3. People that want to make money faster.

Skills requirements

You need to be expert in some can sell our gig on Fiverr and get up The great revenue.find our best skills and go to Fiverr.


1. Initial work - suppose you get a gig to create an animation ad for your costumers. First of go to Google and. Search about the gig first.after some research you get idea for your animation.
One of way to get success in Fiverr is find popular gigs for your skill set. need to create some attractive that attract the viewers to your gig.

4. create a good content
You need to create a best content to every costumers. this increase your rank on Fiverr

About revenue

You earn at least $5 at Fiverr. you can withdraw your money by PayPal.

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