Top 6 free blogger templates in 2018 | Best blogger designs and blog layout

Top 6 free blogger templates in india|Best blogger designs blog layout: Hello everyone, in this post I will describe you some Top 5 free Blogger templates to make your blog beautiful.
 free blogger templates in 2018 Best blog designs, blog layout, ctmtechnical

What is website templates?
   A template is a file that contains HTML, CSS etc codes. These codes are totally responsible for your website Design.
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Top 6 free blogger templates in 2018

Top 5 free blogger templates in 2018, Faster Fast loading template
FLEXZINE is modern blog template or theme. This theme is perfect for anyone who wants to create a modern blog.
This theme contains clean and professional design which increases the theme beauty.
  FLEXZINE is perfect for tech, movie, news, food, review websites.
Top 5 Theme features -
  1. SEO Ready
  2. Fast loading
  3. Responsive theme
  4. Social bookmarks
  5. Ads  ready
2. SEO hub blogger template
SEOHUB is a fully SEO optimized theme. This theme is fully made under SEO statics to rank your website first pages of search engines.

Top 5 free blogger templates in 2018 ,seo hub , blog design, seo hub blogger template
This template is very advance for SEO.i recommend this template for newbie bloggers.
SEOHUB is best compatible with Niche websites. This template is also best for event blogging.This is used for news, tech, daily blogs and tutorials.
Top 5 features
  1. Highly SEO optimized
  2. Tabbed sidebar
  3. Google validation
  4. Mobile friendly
  5. Customized comment widget

Live Preview                     Download
3. Evento Event theme
Top 5 free blogger templates in 2018,evento template,best blog designs
Evento is best blogger template for an event blogging and Niche focused website. This is highly SEO optimized and fastest loading template in my eyes.
Evento is specially designed for SEO and event blogging. You will rank post with help of evento. The social share button is the best part of this theme. You also enjoy our collection of Top 5 free blogger templates in 2018
Top 5 features
1. For event blogging
2. Social share button SEO ready
3. Simple clean design
4. Special ad spots
5. SEO optimization
Live Preview                               Download
4. Faster Fast loading template
Top 5 free blogger templates in 2018,fast loading template
Faster fast loading template is an excellent blogging theme. I also use this theme on my blog. This is the highly optimized theme for SEO and speed.
Best suitable for blogs like niche, tech, food, business, corporate, institute etc.
Top 5 features
  1. Fast loading
  2. Highly SEO optimize
  3. Ads ready 
  4. Social media button
  5. Responsive design
Live preview                                      Download
5. Sora news template
Top 5 free blogger templates in 2018,sora news,best template of 2018
Sora news is the premium template. I also use this on my many blogs. This theme is unique and advanced.i also like theme color combination.
The best part of the theme is this is highly optimized so they run very fastly on slow speed networks.
 You start any website on this template with an ecommerce website.
Top 5 features

  1. Responsive
  2. Fast loading
  3. Seo ready
  4. Browser Compatibility
  5. Social share
6. Newcon Free version
  Now I am also using this template on my blog. This template gives professional look your blog. Give accelerated speed to the website. compress the HTML codes are also available on this templete.

1. Fully speed optimized
2. Seo friendly
3.Easy to customize
4. Inbuilt SEO features
5. Social share buttons
         Download                        Live Preview

     I hope you also choose your blog theme from our Articles " Top 6 free blogger templates in 2018 | Best blog designs and blog layout". If you gain some benefit from this article then never forget to share this article  Thanks, for reading!


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