how to start a blog on blogspot

how to start a blog on blogspot :- hello everyone, today In this post i am show you how to create a blog in 3 min.if you want to know than continuously read this post.
how to start a blog on blogspot

How to start a blog on blogspot ?

  1. First of all go to
  2. Click on create your blog button.
  3. Now, signup there with your Google account Because blogger is Google associated company.
  4. Now click on limited blogger profile button.
  5. Now enter your name. Click on continue blogger profile button.
  6. Now you will login to your blogger profile dashboard.
  7. Now click on Create new blog.
  8. Now enter your blog tittle, blog URL and select the theme.
  9.  Now click on create blog button.
Now, your blog is successfully created now you also visit the blog by clicking view blog button.
There is also a video tortorial for helping you.

Why we get blogger free?

Google always provide free services to his customer to make him, blogger is also a Google products.
This blogger hosting is also best for event blogging.
This hosting cost is $200/month. That give Google the end I want to say that if anyone wants to learn blogging than blogger is best platform in the world.
If you get success in blogging than you also upgrade to upper level that is called WordPress

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I hope you really like this post how to start a blog on blogspot.if you have any questions regarding this post than comment in comment section.Thanks for reading this post. Never forget to share this post

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