What is SEO and how it works | importance of seo

What is SEO and how it works importance of SEO - hello everyone, today I am going to share the knowledge about SEO (search engine optimization).if you wanna want to get knowledge about SEO than continuously read this post.
What is SEO and how it works , importance of seo ,

Before starting today topic I really wanna want to say that things SEO takes time. This is not possible you do SEO today and next day your site ranked.

What is SEO and how it works | importance of SEO

Our first question is 
What is SEO ?
SEO  is a techquie that help the website or blog to get a better rank on search engine.
How SEO works ?
First of all need to know that the search engine is no a human being. So, they did not see any website like a human beings.
If you go to any search engine like Bing and Yahoo.You only search keywords. Like virtual server, collocation etc
So you see some related result to your keyword. 
All search engine index these result with the help of a software that is crawler or spider.
How spider works ?
Spider go to all website and visit all the links of website. In this way spider visit billon of pages and index at Search engines.
Spider doesn't visit pages daily some Time they takes time 1-2 months. That was why SEO takes time.
Now you search domain registration keyword at Google now the Google software search which page contain which website contain domain registration keyword.
Than the software get million of website with related these keyword.
Now the software check how much time the keyword was repeated in your blog post.
  1. After that spider check the title,URL and meta description.
  2. They check synonymous words
  3. They check the page was get from high quality website or low quality website.
  4. They also check the page rank.
  5. Than they check back links 
I also cover these things in another article
After detecting these things spider make a score and higher score post will rank in search engines
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Importance of SEO
Suppose you have started a Domain registration company. You created a website. Now you know people search domain registration to buy domain name.
Now you need to rank your company website.because if you didn't rank your website you doesn't earn more profits.
So, you need to be hire a SEO expert to rank your company website at keyword of domain registration. This will increase you sales.
I hope I gave you all information about What is SEO and how it works|importance of SEO I you have any problem than you will ask in comment section.


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