Why .tk Domain Is Free ? | Can we Use in our Website ? | Disadvantages & advantages | full guide

Why .tk Domain is Free? l Can we Use on our Website? l Disadvantages - hello everyone, Today I am talking about advantages and disadvantages of free domains.
Why .tk Domain Is Free , advantages and disadvantages of .tk

Most of the people on internet want's that they have their own website. Most of the new webmaster are students. So, they didn't have budget and income source to buy a Domain name and hosting. So, they start with a free domain and hosting.
   New webmaster thinks that start with a free domain and hosting. When they start making revenue then they migrate free domain and hosting to paid hosting and domain.
  Mostly webmasters choose freedom website for the free domain name. They choose the domain like .tk,. ml , .ga , .cf etc. In this article, we are taking the example of the .tk domain. So, let's continue the tour of knowledge.
What you will learn here?
  1. Why .tk Domain is Free (Main topic)
  2. Advantages of .tk domain
  3. Disadvantages of .tk
  4. At the end my opinion 

Why .tk Domain Is Free?

 This domain is going to be free for many years. They are giving free because they want to promote their domain for the year and after a year we need to pay $10 approximately for domain name renewal.

For example- we created a Website and promote the website too much and visitors start coming to your website. When the visitor sees your domain extensions .tk.

Advantages and disadvantages of .tk domain

First of all, I will talk about disadvantages of the .tk domain.

Disadvantages of .tk domain

1. SEO factor

 Suppose you created a website. You write a very good content on your website. You gave the very good design to your website.
   Your website speed is also very good but your website didn't get rank on Google. this is right for SEO you have a short url. this is very easy to remember.
   But Google didn't have any importance because They see one thing is that domain is free and everyone knows about domain free service.
   Go to Google and search any keyword on Google. No .tk website is ranked on Google. From this, you see that Google importance to .tk domain
 There is one more disadvantage of the .tk domain is if, you write a very good and unique article and other one copy and paste your article on their website.
  Their article gets ranked and your website gets penalized. This is because search engine crawls Thier website and your website not due to the .tk domain.
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2. Advertisement factor
Google Adsense never approve .tk website. Most of the advertisement networks never approve the .tk domain website.
In case they approve your website.when your traffic is going to the huge number they delete your domain.
   Google Adsense account didn't approve the .tk domain because Adsense always approves high-quality websites. Tk domain is the first factor so they didn't approve your website.
    Mostly people with dot tk domain create their website on hacking, spamming stuff that was why advertiser's did not want to run their ads on dot tk domain.
3. Delete chances
his is a personal experience of a people. They started a health blog on the .tk domain. Due to .TK domain they didn't ranked on the search engine.
 In the end, he promote their website on social media networks. Now, started gaining traffic from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. After the few months, they started generating revenue from the website.
  One one day they got a mail from free now there their website is deleted due to hate content. In fact, there are no hate content on their website.
4. Support- Everyone needs support at one time. Free domain didn't offer a premium support.
 you never say that free thing is your own.
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Advantages of .tk domain

There are only one advantage
1. Learning
 If you didn't know about blogging or web development. If you want to create a temporary than you need to use the .tk domain.
    You also gain knowledge about the web server, WordPress, DNS server with those free domain name you also do those simple experiment.
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My opinion
 If really want to do blogging than I recommend you to buy a domain name and hosting. You also use blogger as a free hosting server.
  Use free domain name and hosting for an experiment.
  I hope you like this article Why .tk Domain Is Free ?l Can we Use on our website?? lDisadvantages wee you learn something from it than never forget to share this article with by bloggers
Thanks for reading!

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