The Dark and Deep Web Explained

The Dark and Deep Web Explained: Hello everyone, the illegal activities on the internet are going popular day by day. Cyber crimes are a common issue of every country.
   Let's discuss about the dark side of the Internet and Why police did not take action about this. For more information continuously read this article.

   we use the Internet in our daily life. Do you know that internet that you use this is only 4% of the Internet. A huge internet is hidden from you. so, let's discuss about the types of the internet

The Internet is mainly divided into three different part's 
  1. Surface web
  2. Deep web
  3. Dark web
let's begin with gaining some knowledge about the surface webs

1. The surface web: The Surface web (Surface internet) is available for all the people who surf on the Internet. Websites that are indexed by search engines that are the part of a surface web. we easily access the surface web in our normal browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.
    Surface web is only 4% (approx). This article is also part of the surface web. The Internet that anyone can be accessed in any part of the earth without any special permission is known as the surface web.
  For example, You search a website on Google search is part of the surface web. Our all favourite news, entertainment websites are part of the surface web

What is Dark and Deep Web?

Dark and Deep Web, Deep and Dark Web, Dark Web and Deep Web
As you see in image Deep web and Dark Web is only accessed with the help of tor network. if you did not know about tor networks than Tor networks help you to surf the Internet anonymously. Tor networks are also known as the dark web browser. In future i also wrote a post on Tor browser. 

2. Deep web: Deep is the largest web of WWW (World Wide Web).The deep web is more than 94% part of an Internet. This Internet is not indexed by search engines.We also say invisible web to deep web. 
  we easily access the deep web through the normal browser. Generally, deep web websites are protected with username and password.
   If you want to access the data of deep web then you need a specific username and password. You also need a permit to get of access deep web.You need to be the member of an organisation to access their database on the deep web.

   what is on the deep web

 Mostly banks, companies, organisation safe their all data on the deep web. I also store my website backup's on the Deep web. Our all cloud storage data is stored in the deep web.all big researchers, Government data is also stored on the deep web.
Dark and Deep Web, differnce between dark web and deep web

Please read this part seriously. Never try to access the dark web 
3. Dark web: The Dark web is the deepest part of the Internet.  Dark web is only accessed with the help of tor browser. This also known as Dark Internet and many names.
    Mostly illegal activity is done on Dark web network. For example drugs selling, hiring a hitman, gambling, weapons etc. That was why every person did not access the dark web.

     You only access the dark web with the help of Tor browser (The Onion Router).  I did not want to get inspired by this article and you go to access the dark web.
   In the surface web, we saw the domain with extension .com,.org, .net etc, But in the dark web's all domain are with .onion extension.
If you didn't know about domains than read this article : What is domain name and there types ? Information about domains seo
  In the dark web, all transaction is done by bitcoin's because bitcoin transaction is anonymous.
 The Dark web websites cannot be deleted because these websites are hosted on admin's computer.
   The Dark web is started to share data across the US Navy but now this is spread over the world. In the end, never try access the Dark web. If anyone finds accessing the Dark web. They get arrested.

what is on the dark web?

   Mostly illegal activity is done on the dark web. Drug selling, hiring hitman, child photography etc are common things on the dark web. There are many interesting types of contents are also available on the dark web. For example U.F.O, Illuminati etc.

Case Study: There is a very famous case of the dark web that is about silk road. Silk Road is known as eBay of dark web.
   Silk road is started in 2011.Illegal drugs were sold on this website.all transactions are done with bitcoin on the silk road website.
     In February 2011 bitcoin value get tripled due to this website.
Dark and deep web
Image of silk road website.

    In June 2011 F.B.I. investigate the connection between silk road and bitcoin.During an investigation, bitcoin lose his value by 90%.
    In 2013 the silk road author gets arrested and the website gets deleted.
   I also never accessed the dark web. This is completely illegal so never try to access the dark web. All Internet marketing is available at Dark web.


This depends on the given factor's that listed below :
  1. If you are searching legal content on the dark web than this is 100% Legal.
  2. if you are searching illegal websites than this is illegal.
If you want to surf Dark and Deep web those tips are for you. but I recommend you never to access the Deep web

  1. Don't click on the suspicious links on the Dark and Deep web
  2. Always use hidden wikki high-level protection.
  3. use some extra software to increase your security.
  Marianas web: Marianas web is darkest and deepest part of the Internet. This Internet gets their name from the world deepest ocean Marina.
      Marianas web is a one of biggest mystery of an Internet. For now, no one knows that Marianas web exists or not. this web is only accessed with quantum computers. but now quantum computers do not exist in the world today.
     According to many internet articles information about Atlantics island, Illuminati, Governments top secret documents etc things are available on the Marianas web.

This article for only for an Educational purpose. Thanks for reading. If you learn something from there then never forget to share this article with your friends.

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