Top 7 Best PC games for 2GB ram without graphic card

Top 7 Best PC games for 2GB ram without graphic card: Hello everyone, In today's article we are talking about those types of video games that run with 2GB Ram very easily. In games in medium or low graphics settings.if, you have a cheap graphics card then you also run those games on our computer very easily.

    If you didn't have any graphics card. You just have an Intel processor then you also play those interesting games. I also played this games. Talking all about personal experience. So, let's start the Talk about  Best pc games for 2gb ram without Graphic card list

Best PC games for 2GB ram without graphic card

1. Assassin's creed brotherhood and Assassin's Creed Revelations

assassin's creed brotherhood, Best pc games for 2gb ram
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 I am also a big fan of Assassin's Creed series. I also love these games. In Those games, we go in history.  Some of the Assassin's Creed characters are real.
 You play those games on a low-end Pc on medium and low settings. You also play this without any graphics card. You need to play this game after when you completed Assassin's Creed 1 and 2 because in this game you go in past.

 2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    Everyone is also known about the GTA 5 (World most popular game). if your computer did not have the capacity to run GTA 5 then this game is for you. I also played this interesting game. we all work with a gang. we also kill another gang's member.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Best PC games for 2GB ram

  All types of vehicles are available in this game. you just were not able to control aeroplane in this game. cheat codes of this game are also available. In this game, we need to be careful in all steps of this game because we did not know when another gang's members kill us.

3. Need for Speed Most Wanted

 If you are searching for racing game and you never played the Need for Speed Most wanted before then I recommend you to play this game. This is very Good racing game. Booster is also available in cars. There are many types of car and Map in this game. We also race in different countries like Japan, united states, China etc.
    When I play this game I experience that I am really driving a racing car.
4. Left for dead 1 & 2
   Left for dead is very horror and survival game. If you get scared by seen dangerous creatures. Then, I suggest you never play this game.
    Basically, this is a survival game. In this game, we Kill a zombie with our 3 teamates.You need to get ready for all of this game. There is no from where the zombie come and eat you or your teammates.
      The interesting thing is that this game runs with the very low graphic. We need only 256 MB graphic memory to play this game. You also play this game without a graphics card.

5. Price of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

  In this game, we are the prince of Persia. We are also a warrior that protects their kingdom. In this game, there is much magic power. Like we get the power of sand. 
    We also defeated the monster of sands. We have much magic power in this games. If, you like God of War game than you also like the price of Persia. This game also runs on lower end pc. These game series is not coming from 2010. In 2010 this video game is very popular

  Sadly series of this game is now stopped. This game is very popular in 2010. I am waiting for the prince of Persia new series. if, we support this than series came back soon. 6. Total Overdose
  Total Overdose is my most favourite game in this game we take revenge of our father's death. Our brother and our team are with us.
     If you are searching for action and the suspensive game then I recommend you to play Total Overdose if you like the GTA series then you are full of the total overdose.

7. Onimusha 3

   I also love the Onimusha 3 and their all the series in this game we play with two or three players this is a single player game. we stop the growth of darkness in this game. we defeat our biggest enemy nomanaga at the end of the game.
best pc games for 2gb ram
    You play with three characters in this game. First is samonoski there picture is given above. He is a samurai. he goes to the future accident in Jaques time. second is Jacques, he is a soldier. when he fighting with demons then they go to the samonoki's time.
  The game is full of adventures and mysteries. we find the different types of weapons and defeat our enemies. I love this whole game. I highly recommend you to play this game.

  So, I gave you a list of game that easily runs on lower end pc that can also run without any graphics card. So today we will discuss the list of Best PC games for 2GB ram without graphic card if you liked this article and find a game to download then very forget to share this article with your gamer friends.
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Thanks for reading. and keep playing!

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