How to send Push Notification from the website

How to send Push Notification on Blogger: Hello everyone, Today we were going to set up notification bell icon in blogger. You also saw very websites with a small bell icon. when you click on the icon. They say us to subscribe my blog. When you subscribe their website then you got the notification when they publish a post on their blog.

  If you have a blog or website and you want to embed this icon on your website then you are at the right place. Today I will guide you how to setup this bell notification icon and boost your website traffic. so, Let's get started

How to send Push Notification on Blogger?

   For sending a push notifications. you need to make up a subscriber list. Like youtube user needs to subscribe to your bell icon for notifications. Now, you need to set up a bell icon on your blog. For setting up a bell icon read the article below.

Now, you need to setup a server that saves the subscriber data and sends the push notification to their device. There are many push notification services but in this tutorial, we are using the onesignal company service. one signal is free and best notification service in my eyes. so, let's setup the onesignal service. 

Follow these steps to enable bell icon on your blog

  1. First of all, create your account on
  2. After creating the account click on add app option.
  3. Now select your app name and click on next button. (You also fill website name as an app name)
  4. Now click on web push option because we send our notification to go to the user by using their browser.
  5. Now select the browser. I recommend using chrome and Mozilla Firefox because these are the most popular browser. (This depends on your traffic which browser you choose. You also check your user's browser by using google analytics.
  6. Now enter your website URL and name. Now click on save button.
  7. choose a unique label.
  8. Add the prompt. ( Recommend you to ad the prompt)
  9. Do some basic settings according to you and click on save button. 
  10. Now copy your get your javascript or app id.
  11. Now, open your blogger dashboard.
  12. Click on Theme option
  13. Click on edit HTML
  14. Now find the <head> tag that you see in the first screen
  15. Now paste the code the below the <head> tag
  16. click on save theme button.
  17. Congratulations, now you set up the bell notification successfully
I want to see all things visual then watch this video

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 How to send Push Notification to the user's device

If you watch the above video then you also know how to send the push notification to user's device.

Follow the steps to send the push notification
  1. First of all login into your account
  2. Select your website's app.
  3. click on send messages option in the menu.
  4. Click New push button.
  5. Now, enter your Tittle, message and launch URL.
  6. Now, click on confirm button
  7. At last, confirm your message and click on send message button.

                                  Benefits of sending Push Notification

I am also using these type of bell icon on my blog. I saw that thing my ranking has increased by using this bell notification.
1. User Engagement
  By using the bell notification we always connected with our website users. You also send some important messages to your audience.
2. Instant traffic
  If you have huge numbers of users that subscribed your website. Then you got instant traffic to your every article you publish.
3. SEO Factor
  By using the bell notification you got instant traffic. They share your article that is an SEO plus point.

Wordpress vs Blogger which is beneficial?

  Wordpress is always first in blogging race. Due to their plugins and theme's Wordpress is fully popular in the whole world. for Hosting a WordPress website, we need the huge budget that is not possible for new blogger's.
Blogger vs wordpress,
Blogger vs Wordpress
     Bell notification work's similarly in WordPress and blogger but we get some more interesting features in Wordpress. In Wordpress, the bell notification is automatically created but in blogger, we need to create all the notification manually. In WordPress, we easily set up the bell notification icon but in blogger, this is difficult than blogger.
These are the major differences between blogger and WordPress in bell notification.

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     I hope you really liked this article "How to send Push Notification on Blogger". If you liked this article then never forget to share this article with a blogger. Thanks for Reading and goodbye!

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