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WordPress speed optimization: Every website owner wants to make their website professional looking But 30% people just miss one thing that is speed. Mostly website owner’s just focused their website look.

They add the sidebar, Banner etc things to make their website attractive. In this way, they increase their website attractiveness and load time that is very bad for SEO.

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  Importance of Speed

Suppose you are a website owner. Now you add many widgets, sidebar and many types of graphics to make your website attractive. but by using these things your website load time is increase 4 sec to 7 sec.

Now, a visitor visit to your website from Google. At this time your website is loading very slowly.

Now, User gets irritated from your website because your website taking too much time to load and press back button.

They go to another result on google. Now, what is the benefit of making website user-friendly if the website did not load at the proper time.

To solve your all issues today I will give you some WordPress speed optimization tips without editing your website layouts.

Top 9 WordPress speed optimization Techniques

Step 1: Choose the best hosting provider

Hosting is the Base of your WordPress blog. Choose the Best hosting that is available in the Market. Hosting is like your brain. If your brain works fast then you do all things very fastly. Like that, if your hosting speed is fast then your website loading time is decreased and your website speed is increased.

If you want to start your blogging career at self-hosted WordPress blog then we recommend you buy shared hosting at Namecheap. Namecheap provides best hosting services at cheap prices.

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Choose web server according to targeting country

Suppose your blog is written in the specific language like Russian. This language is the only spoken and written in Russia. obviously, your all blog visitor is from Russia. Now, you just need to buy the server that is situated in Russia.

This will give a boom to your website speed and search engine rankings.

For Example, My blog is written in English that is the international language. My blog didn’t base on specific location. In this case, I didn’t need a server at a specific location.

If you did not have money to spend on hosting services then go for the Google’s web hosting service that is the blogger.

Step 2: Use of Premium Themes

Every Newbie blogger always uses Free or nulled themes. This is the greatest mistake that destroys their blogging career. Because these types of themes contain some malicious codes.

These type of codes decreases your website speed and security level.

I also do this mistake when I migrate blogger to WordPress. If you follower of our blog then you also know a few weeks ago I use Newspaper theme that is nulled theme. Now, I use Genesis Framework that is world top leading WordPress theme.

Giveaway of Genesis Framework

In this giveaway, We will provide Genesis Framework that is one of the top leading WordPress themes.

If you want to participate in this giveaway then follow the steps below.

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Only 3 people get selected for this giveaway. Giveaway result is announced on our official Facebook Page. We will send theme files to winner’s email.

According to me, this is the best WordPress theme for speed and SEO. You didn’t believe after using this theme my page size is just 342 KB.

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Step 3: Update everything

If you did not update the WordPress regularly then this is bad for your Blog’s speed and security. If you get any update then update it. You also set auto updater plugin (Not Recommended).

When the new version of WordPress comes. They give many security patches to our blog. This makes compatibility between your themes and plugin. By updating, we also are saved from security issues.

Step 4: Compress all Images

Images are the beauty of the post. According to Harsh Agarwal, 1 image explain the 1000 words. From this statement, you get an idea about the importance of images. I recommend this method to every website owner to improve website speed.

In this Method, you also take the help of WordPress plugins. I didn’t Recommend you to use plugin method. Amazing thing is that you can this method in all CMS, For example, Drupal, WordPress, Blogger etc. That was why this is my one of the favorite WordPress speed optimization technique. i

In this Method, You will compress the image size without losing their quality. let’s learn this method with the help of an example.

suppose you are using an image in your blog post. The size of the image is 100 KB.

After compressing image size is decreased by 20 KB or more. Now, you use this image in your blog post. If you compress 5 images like that. Now, you save the 100KB Bandwidth and your image load faster. In this way, you will optimize your WordPress speed.

Follow the steps to compress the Images

  1. Go to
  2. Upload your Image
  3. Configure all the settings.
  4. click on compress Image button
  5. Now, click on download and download your Image.


Note: 5-6 steps are only for the CPanel users. If you did not have access to your CPanel Then Skip the Next two steps.

Step 5: Select Latest WordPress PHP Version

wordpress speed optimization, select php version, php, ctm technical

If your CPanel supports the PHP Version Selector then congrats your WP speed get more Optimized. Before starting click on the click below and check WordPress latest PHP version at this time.

Check the latest WordPress PHP version

Follow the steps below to Select the Latest PHP version

  1. Login to your CPanel
  2. Search the PHP version selector option.
  3. Now, easily select the latest PHP version.

This method did not affect too much but increases a little bit of website speed.

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Step 6: Compress the website Files

Mostly People Install plugins to compress their website files that is not a good idea. By installing Plugins, maybe your website load time is increased.

So, Now you will know the trick to compress your website files without using CPanel.

Follow the steps below to compress the website Files

  1. First of all login your CPanel.
  2. Find the software menu.
  3. Click on the option of Optimize website.
  4. Select compress all content
  5. Click on update settings button

Think you are enjoying our WordPress speed optimization tips.

Step 7: Use of Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a CDN service.

What is CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network.

How does a CDN work?

CDN minimize the distance between your user and your website’s server. This works like an additional web server. they cache your website server data and deliver to different countries users with fast speed by using their own server’s.

For example, A user visits your website from U.S.A and your web server is situated in India. Now, your website loads in 4 sec.

how does a cdn work, wordpress speed optimization, cdn

If you are using the CDN service then your website is load from CDN server that was located in the U.S. Now website is loaded in just 2 sec. So, technically your website speed is increased by 20%-30%. By using the CDN your ranking is increased all around the world.

Cloudflare is Fastest global CDN in the World. The best part of this is that Cloudflare also provides the free service. I think every blogger need

By using the Cloudflare service you will increase your website speed all around Globe.

Steps to configure the Cloudflare

  1. Go to
  2. Create your account and connect your website with Cloudflare.
  3. Now, login to your Dashboard.
  4. Click on speed option.
  5. Click on compress HTML, CSS, Javascript.
  6. Now, Scroll down and click on enable AMP option.
  7. Set all the option by default.

Now, you successfully setup CDN on your website.

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Note: 8-9  steps are Plugin methods

Step 8: Use WP-Optimize Plugin

WP-Optimize is a premium plugin. I suggest this plugin to every WordPress user. I run this plugin single time in a week. By using this they give the great boost to my website.

How does it work?

WP-Optimize cleans your WordPress extra data. Clear all unwanted post revisions. Clear all trashed posts. Optimize your wordpress database. by doing these tasks, this plugin reduce your website size. obviously, your website speed get boosted.

Benefits of using WP-Optimize
  1. This plugin removes all the spam comments.
  2. Arrange the SQL Database in order. so, our CMS easily access all files.
  3. Clear all post revisions

This plugin gives best WordPress speed optimization to your website.

Note: Never choose Clean all auto-draft posts when you are running this plugin. This may delete your unpublished articles

Step 9: Use WP super cache

WP Super Cache is one of the best WordPress caching plugin. I  am using this plugin from last month. I didn’t find any error in this plugin. Like Cloudflare, this plugin also Cache our website files in their web server. Improve our site speed and bandwidth.

Just do all WP Super Cache Settings

  1. First of all login into your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Now, click on settings option.
  3. Click on WP Super Cache option.
  4. Now, Your are ready to configure WP Super Cache plugin.
  5. click on the easy button in the main menu.
  6. Now, Check the Caching On (Recommended).
  7. Save the changes by clicking update status button.
  8. After that click on the Advanced button in the main menu.
  9. Now, configure all your according to the image.

wordpress speed optimization, speed optimized, WP Super Cache Settings

After that, your caching system starts working in 30-40 minutes. By using these all WordPress speed optimization tips your site speed is increased by 40%-60%

Bonus Tip: Just remove all the unwanted plugin. This gives huge effect to your WordPress website speed

Note: WP Super Cache is best WordPress speed optimization plugin but sadly this only works with Apache servers. If you are using LiteSpeed server’s then LiteSpeed Cache is best for you.


By using these steps your WordPress website is optimized by 60%-70%. I didn’t recommend you bunch of plugins to optimize your website speed. This gives a negative effect on your website.

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Thanks for Reading our WordPress speed optimization tips and Good Bye.


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